Encompassing my over 20 years of study and practice, I have developed the Reframe, Rewrite, Redesign™ Model for Organizational Success. This framework focuses on leadership, strengths, and appreciative intelligence.

Among others, I have been featured in these events and shows:

  • Michael Whitehouse’s Power Lunch Roundtable, April 2022
  • Women’s Prosperity Alliance Inaugural Event, March 2022
  • Future Forward Sales with Petite 2 Queen's Lynn Whitbeck - Video Podcast episode, March 2022
  • Kim Welcome’s Influential Voice, Confident Professional Women interview: LinkedIn Live, September 2021

I have:

  • Facilitated workshops and presented to groups exceeding 300 people.
  • Been a preferred workshop facilitator for US Army Reserve 88th Regional Support Command Strong Bonds Events (relationship seminars for Soldiers, their spouses [when applicable], and their families) all over the USA
  • Contributed “Reframe, Rewrite, Redesign” chapter in The New Female Leader: A Woman’s Book for Dynamic Leadership Skills published in 2020.Enter line item.
  • Earned a Doctor of Management in Organizational Development and Change with dissertation emphasis on leadership techniques for organizational success and sustainability.

My most-often used keynote speeches are "Become the Leader You Would Follow" and "Stop the Employee Exodus." Both can be presented also as half-day workshops with workbooks for attendees.

Stop the Employee Exodus

  • Group Dynamics: how they demonstrate and influence your company culture.
  • Appreciative Intelligence: how to recognize what you have and use it in new ways.
  • Strengths Recognition and Engagement: how to recognize and engage employees making their strengths the organization's strengths.

Become the Leader You Would Follow

  • How comparison can be empowering.
  • Personality and leadership styles aren't permanent.
  • Recognizing and engaging your teams' strengths.
  • Appreciative Intelligence: Reframe, Rewrite, Redesign™.

Sample Videos