You are NOT “just” anything – You are more amazing than you realize

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I spent some time today talking to an amazing woman. It turns out, that after living an eventful and productive life to this point, she feels like “an impostor” and relegates herself to “just me.” I am here to tell you, like I told her, YOU ARE NOT JUST ANYTHING.

Let me give you some insight to this amazing lady. She built and ran a successful Pampered Chef business for 24 years! She only stopped when she was recovering from surgery. She chose not to return to it so that she could pursue other passions. If the business itself isn’t enough, let me tell you more:

She built and maintained the business feeling ZERO support from those most of us seek for support: husband, family, friends. None of them supported her in a way that she could recognize.

She built, grew, and maintained this business SOLELY on referrals. She booked shows AT shows. She never “dialed for dollars.”

She built, grew, and maintained the business while rearing FOUR children, two of whom were adopted. One of the adopted children had severe special needs that engaged the police department at least once before the child was even in double digits (before the child was 10, if you don’t speak “Catherine-ese”).

She built, grew, and maintained this business as her four children spanned ALL levels of school: preschool, elementary school, high school, and college.

If you don’t know, a Pampered Chef business is not simply selling product. It is also encouraging, guiding, and mentoring OTHER Pampered Chef consultants who choose YOU to mentor them in the business. This woman was earning $7,000 a month on a business that many people have done only part time. (I don’t know how many hours a week she worked it, but it’s still a big deal when you consider everything else.)

I’m going to add one more thing to the mix. She was a NURSE. Although I didn’t ask directly, I get the impression that the was a nurse, a Pampered Chef leader, a mom, and a wife SIMULTANEOUSLY.

By the way, the child who had so many challenges now is a productive and caring member of society.

This woman wants to be an inspirational speaker. She will teach people about transition. She told me earlier that she feels like “an impostor” and that she relegates herself to “just…” I anticipate you agree with me—she is NOT “JUST” anything.

She is amazing.

She sparkles.

She smiles.

The COVID-19 quarantine has not been easy on her, yet, she smiles, engages, encourages, and grows.

Today, I had the opportunity to give her a glimpse of what I see when I talk to her.

She has much to give to the world.

She has been in constant transition.

She has helped countless others through transition – if “only” through Pampered Chef business building (and we know she’s done more than that).

Everything she has done has influenced more people that the people with whom she worked directly.

I admire this woman. I look forward to helping her see the ways in which my admiration is well-placed.

I challenge everyone reading my message today to consider a few things:

      1. Consider in what roles you see yourself as “just…”
      2. Take ONE role from the possible list of “just…” and WRITE down EVERYTHING (whether you deem it large or small) that you do or have done in that role.Brainstorm it and just WRITE with NO JUDGMENT on what you write.

        It can be as “simple” as “I told people about … and they found value” as she did with Pampered Chef.
        It can be “I wrote a Thank You note.”

        Write until you truly run out of ideas (give yourself a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of idea and time exhaustion )

      3. Now, turn the tables. If someone WHO ISN’T YOU did those things in THAT role with the CHALLENGES you had AT THAT MOMENT, how would you view the person?
      4. Now, look in the mirror. Without discounting those things as “just,” tell yourself what you would tell “the other person” filling that role.

The first time I did this for myself, I cried. It was hard to turn the tables and not discount myself. It takes practice. It’s worth the effort.

If you have trouble stopping yourself from discounting yourself, PLEASE either contact me and let me be your mirror OR contact someone else who will validate you properly.

You are NOT “JUST” anything… You are AMAZING. You are Not an impostor in your life. You are a hero in someone else’s.

Please share with me your experience after you complete the challenge.

Dr. Catherine

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Leaders hire Dr. Catherine to increase employee retention AND company profits because most are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on resignations, recruitment, and training, so she helps them capitalize onboarding, productivity, and profits through powerful engagement and alternative solutions for team success.

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