Quick Start to Personal Reframing

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6 Questions to Ask Yourself

This system to help find benefit in ALL your experiences and overcome imposter syndrome.

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In this free PDF guide, you'll learn:

  • How to find benefits from ALL your past experiences.
  • How to discover additional benefits from past experiences.
  • New insights about yourself.
  • Strengths you have developed making you AMAZING already.
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I'm Dr. Catherine of Profitable Alignment

With over 20 years of study and practice, I have developed systems to recognize strengths in people that they didn't recognize in themselves. I have learned the power of a blunt compliment and kind correction.

This Quick-start Guide to reframing will help you begin to see yourself as the amazing person you are.

When a woman has felt "not good enough" multiple times, she begins to believe she never will be adequate. This guide helps you see how ALL your experiences give you benefit which then you pass forward to others.

Without the system in this guide, you're subject to feeling minimized, inadequate, and like an imposter. With this guide, you'll learn you may be confident in your abilities, strengths, and grateful for your journey.

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Embrace new possibilities.

With the process in this guide, you can:

  • Learn to see how your past now empowers your present and future.
  • Gain insights into your own power.
  • Recognize that YOU can "slay other people's dragons" or help them to learn how themselves.
  • Understand that your past brought you here, but does NOT define you. YOU define yourself as you choose and grow.