One Person CAN Make a Difference

Have you ever wondered if your contribution can make a real difference? Yes, it can.

The other day, I was watching Pollyanna with my kids. In the story, Pollyanna recently has been orphaned. She moves to a town effectively run by her wealthy aunt who rarely smiles. Most of the town seems sour and unhappy. Pollyanna’s parents, however, taught her to find the happy in every situation – including receiving crutches in a package when she wanted a doll instead. She and her father said, “at least we don’t need the crutches.” Throughout the movie, Pollyanna takes her positive attitude and changes the town.

Pollyanna is a movie. Can one person really make that type of difference in an organization? Yes.

One thing I take to every organization I serve is my contagious enthusiasm. Simply by entering an organization, I find out the joy that made the organization form in the first place. I love asking people what drew them to the industry, the company, or the position. I love helping people find the joy in their work and the joy in their skills. Not only do I enjoy work, but I am enthusiastic about my work and other people’s work. That enthusiasm truly becomes contagious.

I believe every person should enjoy work. If you can’t find something you like about your job, it’s time to start looking for other work. This could include getting the education you need to prepare for a different position or a different career.

If you wonder if one person can change a culture, consider the most sour person in a group. How does that person’s mood affect the group? Now, consider if someone who refuses to be blue entered that same group. How would the dynamic change? Might that change become lasting?

Whenever you wonder if you can make a difference, consider these people and how the single acts became movements that changed the world:

  • Mohatma Ghandi
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Rosie Parks
  • Buddha
  • Jesus Christ
  • Mohammed
  • Winston Churchill
  • Maya Angelou

You may or may not make as dramatic an impact as the people I’ve listed. Regardless, you can make a difference in your organization. Your influence might reach farther than you expect. Become the positive influence you want to change your organization. Reach out to me to find your passion, your strengths, and your influence.

I want to help you and your organization make the difference you have the power to create. Call me at 509-730-5506 or e-mail me at to determine how we can work together to make the power you have within yourself and your organization influence more than you currently see.

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