I believe that ALL people have strengths that allow them to do things others struggle to do.

I believe that ALL of our experiences can be turned to our benefit, even though not always at the moment we experiencing them.

My favorite thing is to help you to see how EVERYTHING in your life can be reframed to create benefit for you and for others allowing you to rewrite your story and redesign your future to create your ideal self and legacy.

I help YOU to recognize your strengths, gifts, grit, and amazingness.

We work together as you learn to empower yourself to change, become, and create.

Sign that states, "The Doctor is In — Dr. Catherine"

I am Dr. Catherine. I earned a Doctor of Management in Organizational Development and Change. I wanted to empower Army Reserve Component FAMILIES to create the bonds, relationships, and connections that service members develop with each other. Read more here...

In the process, I discovered that my personal story matters and can help other women. I had my own journey to empowerment. Now, I LOVE empowering other women as I have become empowered myself.

Just like MY story matters and led me to discover, step into, and build on my strengths, YOUR story matters. You have strengths you might not even know you have.

I LOVE helping other women find those strengths and use them in new ways.

Dr. Catherine at 12 and her brother

I grew up in a suburb the third-born child of two living children. The second-born lived only three weeks. I was born with the same illness that took him.

My parents divorced when I was 5. My mother remarried when I was 6. My older step-brother was NOT a kind person. I met my older step-sister when I was 15. She was already married.

My father married his 5th (and final) wife in 2005. I love her. He chose well. I have spent little time with them as a couple.

Discouraged Woman

I have:

  • experienced challenges bonding with people.
  • struggled to trust people.
  • fought feelings and fear of abandonment.
  • felt inadequate and incapable.
  • had survivor's guilt.
  • been bullied - both as a child and as an adult.
  • fought long-lasting depression and anxiety.

I overcame these and other challenges.


You're NOT alone.

Dr. Catherine Listening to Audience Member

In fact, I use my own Reframe, Rewrite, Redesign Empowerment™ model on myself.

I'm here to hear you, to see you, and to help you to see yourself with all the amazingness within you.

As you and I discuss YOUR story, you will become empowered to:

  • Reframe your past experiences and perceptions.
  • Rewrite your story—past and present.
  • Redesign your future to create your ideal self and legacy.
Dr. Catherine Speaking

In addition to individual empowerment coaching, I speak to groups of women seeking greater empowerment in their lives - both personally and professionally.

I bring engaging, interactive presentations to your group and event making YOU look good.

I also provide additional connections for event planners so that you have multiple great speakers at your fingertips to meet your needs, fill your seats, and make people want to come to your events over and over again.