Reframe your past
Rewrite your present. 
Redesign your future.

Picture of Frustrated Woman

What if all the ways you have felt minimized actually showed you how amazing you truly are?

What if all the times you saw yourself as “just…” you were actually “slaying a dragon” for someone who couldn’t do what you do?

What if you looked at the challenges in your life and saw benefits as a result?

If you want to experience results that show you how to empower yourself to redesign your life and future, let’s talk.

Picture of Woman Looking Pensive

I work with women who have felt minimized, who have felt they are “just…,” or who have looked at the hard things in life and felt defeated.

Together, we will:

  • Reframe your past experiences and perceptions.
  • Rewrite your past and present story.

As a result, you will be able to:

  • Redesign your future to create the legacy and joy you want.
  • Become empowered to be your best self,
  • Discover your own strengths,
  • Step into your unique greatness, and
  • Create the future you want for yourself and others you influence, including your children and friends.
Empowered Woman Jumping for Joy

Epiphanies happen in a moment. True transformation happens as you learn to apply those epiphanies and change your perspective.

Let's chat to see how I can help you become empowered as the amazing woman you are.

They Say...

Julie F.

I strongly believe that she has a gift, which has been polished through education and practice, to see a person’s talents and strengths clearly.

I really learned more about myself through the process and Dr. Catherine helped me focus on my own powerful stories.

Dr. Heather A.

University Professor

Dr. Catherine is a fabulous coach. She quickly incorporated my needs and goals as her top priorities and worked tirelessly to help me be successful. She is highly responsive. When I had moments of self-doubt, she reminded me of my strengths and the steps to promote them. I knew that I could count on her to support me in my goals.

Katie N.

Dr. Catherine has helped me with so many things centering around my business and career.

When Dr. Catherine coaches me, I do not feel pressured. I feel welcomed. I feel cared for.

I feel like I just walked into a Mercantile and have sat down to have some coffee with my friends.

Topics range from personal betterment, hope, love, new opportunities, and being yourself while finding new strengths in yourself that you never knew before.

How can I help YOU?