Learning is integral to progression

I was recently listening to a conference broadcast. One of the speakers, Joy D. Jones, said something that resonated with me:

“Learning is integral to progression.”

I agree. If we stop learning, we stop progressing; we get stagnant, bored, and outdated. Sometimes we learn at our pace and timing. Sometimes we learn at others’ pace and timing.

During this COVID-19 worldwide quarantine situation, many people are experiencing a steep learning curve. How do we work from home? Can our jobs be done remotely? How do I find employment during quarantine? I expect that all of us have been pushed out of our comfort zones in one way or another.

Separate from COVID-19, however, we have the opportunity to learn and move out of our comfort zones. If we want to progress after this crisis ends, we need to progress in the middle of the crisis.

How can we learn when our entire world has been turned upside down? Many have been learning how to navigate new schedules with kids home, with spouses home, with needing to work in a new way. Now that we have adjusted to “the new normal,” it’s time to learn more so that we can progress further.

Let me share an example.

In addition to the COVID-19 changes, I recently accepted a position as an adjunct business instructor at Walla Walla Community College. I’ve taught in varied venues, but this it the first time I’ve been a dedicated teacher for college students. I have had a steep learning curve. I am definitely progressing.

For the position itself, I needed to learn new software. I have been a student online which helps me. I still have learning on the teaching side. Because of the COVID-19 situation, all of my teaching is online. Initially, I thought we would have regular meeting times for classes. Instead, to support the students and their challenges of COVID-19 normal, I am pre-recording lectures for students to view on their time. It’s a great learning experience for me.

In addition to learning new software, I have learned much about myself. Again, “learning is integral to progression.” I have learned where my perfectionist streak could stop my progress. I also have considered how to mitigate that, including talking with my coach/mentor/friend. I have learned what I like about pre-recording and editing. I have been reminded what I like about live interaction.

I also have become engaged in a Mastering LinkedIn virtual class and have been updating my profile and my marketing approach. It’s a fantastic opportunity for learning, connecting, and improving.

If you wonder what can you learn next to fuel your progression during this COVID-19 situation and future opportunities, I have a few things for you to consider.

      • What have you always wanted to learn and haven’t pursued yet? Is there something online that can teach you or introduce you to the topic? I have seen that many artists and illustrators are giving online classes during the quarantine. If that interests you, get online and get involved.
      • Do you want further your professional skills for work – current or future? If yes, I have a list of sites that offer free training. Let me know that you want it and I’ll send it to you. Some of these sites offer both paid options and free options depending on your needs.
      • What do people in your network know that they love to share? Ask them to teach you. It could be fun for both of you.

Of course, my favorite think to discuss, is how can you learn more about your strengths in order to progress? If you’d like more information on learning more about your strengths and how to apply them in new ways, let me know. I’ll make it next week’s topic.

In the comments, share with me things you’re learning to fuel your progression. What would you like to learn?

Dr. Catherine

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Leaders hire Dr. Catherine to increase employee retention AND company profits because most are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on resignations, recruitment, and training, so she helps them capitalize onboarding, productivity, and profits through powerful engagement and alternative solutions for team success.

Bottom line: Revenue is based on human capital and the power of alignment.

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