Do you identify with my horse?

Three miniature horses and one full-sized horse

We have three miniature horses and one full-sized horse. One of the mini horses, named Sparky, and the full-sized horse, Odie, have been pasture-mates for over 20 years. They came to us recently.

Odie loves being around his Sparky. Recently, Sparky got hurt and we have isolated him from the rest of the herd to heal. One day recently, Odie decided that he needed to be where Sparky was. Odie broke his head through Sparky’s stall door, got his head caught in the hole, and Odie got severely hurt. Now, Odie is isolated from the rest of the herd to heal.

I compare this to us because sometimes we seek to be in exactly the same place as someone else and it’s not our time to be in that place. If we move too fast, compare ourselves and feel inadequate, or find dissatisfaction with our present place, we can get hurt. Then, we may need to isolate ourselves a little in order to recover, learn, and then start over. I do not recommend COMPLETELY isolating yourself, however, because you need support to get through hard times or pain. Even Sparky and Odie still socialize from a distance and depend on the humans who care for them.

Odie and Sparky both needed professional help and now need to take time to recover.

Sometimes we need professional help to heal, learn, and improve.

Sometimes we need a friend who can help us see the good in our current lives and the good we bring to the world.

Sometimes we need a coach to help us see our possibilities.

Sometimes we need to wait patiently and continue working on self-improvement so that we can get to the place where we see others.

Take time to see the beauty in your life right now. Avoid pain that gives no ready benefit. Recognize that ALL experiences can be turned to your benefit – even the truly horrific experiences you’ve had.

Although the experiences in your past have not all been wonderful, they have taught you something to prepare you for the present and the future.

As you learn to reframe your past, you can rewrite your present to make today the way you want it. As you rewrite today, you can begin to redesign your future to get to the place and way you see and where you want to be. Then, you will be able to help others you meet.


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