Describe Your Ideal Day

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"Describe your ideal day," she asked.

I was in a job interview. I knew what I liked about work. I knew when I had a good day. I hadn’t ever truly articulated an ideal day. I thought about it. For me, an ideal day, at work or not at work, is a day in which I:

  • Learned something.
  • Taught someone something.
  • Helped someone.

How would you describe your ideal day?

Would your ideal day at work be different from your ideal day not at work?

How would your employees, co-workers, team members describe their ideal days? Would an ideal day be different at work and not at work?

Are there “ideal day” themes in people’s answers? How can you include some of characteristics of the ideal day outside of work into a day at work?

Asking your team about an ideal day will give a variety of answers and a plethora of insights. People might be fulfilled by:

  • Marking things off a checklist.
  • Having time to walk outside for 15 minutes a couple of times a day.
  • Meeting new people and making connections.
  • Creating a new process or a manual describing a process to make work easier for others.

Allow everyone to give unique answers.

In addition to themes within the team's answers, look for the strengths within each individual, opportunities to engage with each individual, ways to use each person’s definition of an ideal day to create complementary teams for projects.

How can you use each person’s strengths to meet TODAY’S goals and this quarter’s metrics?

Engage today to meet the goals you need to meet.

Watch productivity soar.

Watch “The Great Resignation” END in your organization.

If you need extra help engaging your employees and their strengths, reach out to me, Dr. Catherine, and my team at Profitable Alignment.

Dr. Catherine

About the author

Leaders hire Dr. Catherine to increase employee retention AND company profits because most are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on resignations, recruitment, and training, so she helps them capitalize onboarding, productivity, and profits through powerful engagement and alternative solutions for team success.

Bottom line: Revenue is based on human capital and the power of alignment.

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