About Profitable Alignment

I'm Dr. Catherine, founder of Profitable Alignment. Leaders of small to mid-sized organizations hire me to:

  • increase employee retention


  • company profits

because most are losing hundreds of thousands on:

  • resignations,
  • recruitment, and
  • training

so I help them capitalize:

  • onboarding,
  • productivity, and
  • profits

through powerful engagement and alternative solutions to team success.
Bottom line: revenue is based on human capital and the power of alignment.

Picture of Dr. Catherine
Bored Woman at Computer
Visibly Diverse Team Giving Group High 5
In my over 20 years of studying and practicing leadership, training and implementing team engagement, and influencing and changing company culture, I have noticed some commonalities in struggling organizations:
  • Overwhelmed leaders or managers.
  • Tension within teams.
  • High employee turnover

I have also observed that successful organizations have employees who love working there. People who enjoy work; are engaged in the company mission, vision, and goals; and feel valued work more productively and create more profits naturally and exponentially.

Encourage Female Leaders

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I founded Profitable Alignment with a few things in mind.

An organization will overcome these challenges, and many others, if it:
  • Aligns itself with its past, present, and future.
  • Aligns its strengths with its mission, vision, goals, and dreams.
  • Engages each employee's individual strengths.
  • Embraces the true diversity of each individual and team.
  • Attracts employees with strengths to help the organization.
Fist bumping-Multi-racial Men and Women

Profitable Alignment works with YOU, your leadership, and your teams to create a more profitable alignment for YOUR organization's success.

We believe...

Diversity in thought and strengths creates:
  • Innovation.
  • Employee engagement.
  • Employee retention.
  • Job satisfaction.
  • Profit.
  • Growth.

We engage...

  • Individual strengths.
  • Team strengths.
  • Organizational strengths.
  • Blunt compliments.
  • Kind correction.
  • Profitable progress.

We help YOU...

  • Embrace the true diversity in your organization.
  • Engage your employees.
  • Increase employee retention.
  • Teach your leaders to increase engagement and retention:
  • Recognize, embrace, and engage their own strengths.
  • Recognize, embrace, and engage team strengths.

We work with...

  • Small to mid-sized organizations
  • Women-run organizations.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) teams
  • Service-based organizations.
  • Nonprofit organizations.
  • Nonprofit associations.
  • Leaders who know "something needs to be done" and don't know what to do next.

We provide...

  • Organizational consulting.
  • Executive leadership coaching.
  • Division, department, or team leadership coaching.
  • Keynote addresses.
  • Workshops.