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Can We Help Your Organization?

Profitable Alignment helps organizations:
  • Overcome high turnover.
  • Engage employees.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Sustain the change.
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Business Consulting

Profitable Alignment's business consulting transitions between coaching and consulting. Sometimes, we call it "co-sulting."

Although Profitable Alignment consultants have in-depth training, their true effectiveness comes when you work with them as a team, not simply use them as advisors.

Profitable Alignment consultants have opportunities to perform many roles within your consulting relationship.

What We'll Do

Number 1

Talk about your goals and how YOU define success

Success looks different for everyone.

Profitable Alignment representative will discuss with you:
  • The challenges you're observing in your organization.
  • Some of the things you have tried.
  • How will you know when you've achieved real success?
Number 2

Understand your past

Through this process, your consultant will discuss your organization's story and help you learn how to:
  • Recognize organizational origins.
  • Recognize organizational progression.
  • Understand leadership progression.
  • Follow organizational culture changes.
Number 3

Recognize your present

Through this process, your consultant will work with you, your leadership, and your teams to:
  • Recognize organizational alignment.
  • Recognize organizational misalignment.
  • Align your leadership with your mission, vision, and goals.
  • Align your employees with your mission, vision, and goals.
Number 4

Redesign and create your future

Your consultant will help you, your leaders, and your teams to:
  • Identify organizational strengths developed.
  • Identify organizational strengths desired.
  • Define mission, vision, goals, and success: organizational, division, department, team, leadership, individuals.
  • Determine next steps for reaching the defined success.
  • Align your employees with your mission, vision, and goals.
Number 5

Practice and Become Sustainable

"An epiphany happens in an instant. True transformation takes time." —Dr. Catherine

Leaders and individuals will learn many things about themselves and their teams through this process. It's not an immediate transition or transformation.

Your Profitable Alignment consultant will continue to work with you in a diminishing capacity as you continue to practice and make changes.


Your Investment

The investment for organizational consulting or leadership coaching depends on the steps you and Profitable Alignment agree will best help meet your goals.

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